Aletta Ocean Quick Facts

Alias: Artemis Gold, Aletta Alien, Aletta Florancia, Jessica Kline, Aletta Nubiles
Date of Birth: 12/14/1987
Home Town: Hungary
Measurements: 34D-26-37
Height: 5′8
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Green

Aletta Ocean Biography.

Aletta Ocean was born in Hungary in 1987 and made her entrance on to the porn scene in 2006 at the ripe age of nineteen.  Aletta jumped in to the adult industry feet first with her first adult film: Lesbian First Timers. This 21 Sextury Video was just the beginning for the green eyed Hungarian beauty; however, and she went on to make films for New Sensations and Evil Angel studios.

Aletta Ocean’s huge tits and big green eyes were a hit with her fans everywhere but more than that they fell in love with her willingness to play any role put before her. From giant dong play to hardcore anal to gang bang movies there wasn’t one role that Aletta turned away from and this only served to skyrocket her in to stardom.

Aletta Ocean wasn’t just a hit with her US fans either and back home in Hungary she featured in the Hungarian edition of Playboy. The US wasn’t going to let Aletta go unnoticed however, and in 2010 Aletta won a 2010 AVN award!


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