22 thoughts on “Official Site”

  1. Raj says:

    I’ll need to like sex with this…………

  2. tim says:

    ur so fucking hot i want to fuck u

  3. Jimmy Jhonson says:

    HEy Aletta,

    I am not as others, just want to fuck you. I would get to know you better times though, I can not deny how hot you are.

    Would be very nice of you if you would get in touch

    Kind regards from Germany

    Jimmy Johnson

  4. vishwa nath says:

    Princess Aletta…..YOU are a truly VENUS!!!!

  5. julito says:

    esta es la unica actriz porno a la cual e vitos todos los videos que e podido encontrar en internet my fantasia seria estar una noche

  6. Lucky Ali says:

    Hi Aletta you are so nice fucking doll. I wanna see you in a gangbang porn in bridal dress. Please do it for your lovers.

  7. sanjeev says:

    i am dying for her . she is in mine dreams how can i have her as her personnel slave . i really need her and like to have all kind of fetish sex with her

  8. Masum says:

    On Any condition I want to fuck you Aletta! Oh ! you really the most beautiful and sexy I ever see …. Oh I cant wait

  9. Nikunj Shah says:

    Hi i like

  10. rj says:

    hey sexy i love u

  11. bob says:

    I love your body maybe I can give sth. special… I need you baby …

  12. noor says:

    I love you I want your image I want to video lesbian your

  13. vaibhav says:

    i like to merry u and fuch u

  14. sathish says:

    i want to marry you and keep u happy as long as i live
    love u so badly aletta huni
    i am proposing to you
    will u marry me

  15. Aman says:

    u are so beautiful can u marry me

  16. Jay says:

    I love you so much Aletta Ocean..

  17. ali says:

    hi Aletta, i’m one of your biggest fan i’ll visit usa soon and i’m happy if i can meet u

  18. bride says:

    aletta i am madly in luv with u can i have ur phone No plsss? and can u give me ur facebook acc?

  19. ritz says:

    Hi Aletta i love you very much ,you are damn too cute and hot . I really want to marry you and live rest of my life with you !

  20. sagirdaiba says:

    I like your body

  21. sagirdaiba says:

    Like your ass

  22. Sabhajeet Jaiswar says:

    NEw account send please send you instagram check sabhajeet Jaiswar my send to money send me your people

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